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you can't go back now.
I'm never very sure what to say when I make profiles or whatever, so let me kick off by saying that I'm not telling my real name. When on here, please, call me Lana. I'm a graphics maker and I want to join a graphics community as a maker, so if you can help me out with that, just drop me a message. I wish I was able to code for lj, but I can't. Yeah, I'm a twilight fan. Note, I said fan, not fangirl. Because we all know that Harry Potter could kick Edward's ass any day. :D I'm a bit of a bookworm. My music taste varies, except the one thing that'll never change: I love McFly. They're amazing. Go listen to them.

So, as I haven't got much to say, I'm gonna round this off now.
Check out my graphics?

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